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Portugal. The Man

"Feel It Still" Interactive Music Video

Not since Beyoncé’s “Formation” have we seen a music video so rife with symbolism.


It's a resistance toolkit disguised as a music video. On the surface level, the visuals suggest a rock-n-roll lifestyle performance music video with a dance party in a surreal snowy junkyard. However, dig a little deeper and the interactive video allows you to click the screen to find easter eggs revealing actionable forms of political resistance.

We collaborated with co-director Ian Schwartz, Wieden + Kennedy Portland, and interactive video platform Wirewax. The video premiered on Vice's Noisey. Press included Adweek, Fast Company, Billboard, The Fader + more.

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Animal Arcade ep. 1

This is why there is such a thing as the internet.

A.V. Club

Pac-Dog is a live action video game recreation of Pac-Man, starring Twinkie the Guinness World Record balloon popping dog! Pac-Dog races through a plywood maze, popping balloon pellets and eating cardboard ghosts in a quest for the high score. The project is a collaboration with our friends at HelloDenizen.

Press included Mashable, CNET, Entertainment Weekly, A.V. Club, Laughing Squid + More

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Dave Gahan

"All of This or Nothing" Holographic Music Video

The future is here.

Fast Company

We created the world's first holographic music video for Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan's single "All of This and Nothing". In the holographic music video, we see Dave Gahan performing as a floating hologram with a variety of other life cycle imagery. As the video progresses, the holograms and colors begin to layer in complexity, superimposing as ghost-like visions.

The video is primarily formatted for viewing on your smartphone with a DIY hologram viewer, though it can be scaled up for use with a tablet, TV or even projector. We also released a "how to" video, which shows how to make your own hologram viewer out of an old CD case.

The video premiered on Entertainment Weekly.

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Old Spice

The Old Spice Nature Adventure

We created a three day live action video game with Billy Rainey and Wieden + Kennedy. A hiker was placed in the bounteous grandeur of nature with a camera on his head and was contractually obligated to do everything that a million Internet users in a chat room told him to do. Golden retainers were buried, dirt pizza was jousted, and beavers played drum solos.

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The Fastest Halftime Show Ever!

A highspeed train passes by a platform of performers as the Fastest Halftime Show Ever blurs by. The video rewinds to see the train platform 20x slower, in a one-take slow motion shot. We worked with Denizen and OMD to create this spot and hype up the Pepsi Superbowl XLIX Halftime Show.

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Objects Hacked To Make Music

Sushi, Cats & More

Chicken nuggets will never be the same.


LA based electronic artist Spazzkid makes music using various objects connected to the MaKey MaKey device! The MaKey MaKey is an invention kit that allows you to alligator clip onto any object that conducts electricity and turn it into a key on your keyboard. In the video, Spazzkid uses the MaKey MaKey to play music using chicken nuggets, play dough, high fives and more. Each part of the song was created with a different object.

The video premiered on Buzzfeed. Press included The Creators Project, DJ Tech Tools, IHEARTCOMIX, + more. The video won the 2015 Webby Award in the Experimental & Weird category, was selected as IMVD's Best Music Videos of Oct, and became a Vimeo Staff Pick.

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Wait On Me

This vintage-styled music video is different and innovative.

The Young Folks

"Wait On Me" is a choose-your-own-adventure style interactive music video created with Interlude and co-directed with Cameron Duddy. The band have been invited to perform at a 1920's themed mansion party and you get to control what happens in the story. Choose carefully, as your selections will determine the video's outcome.

The video premiered on Buzznet. Press included MTV News, Idolator, Celebuzz, Just Jared Jr. + more.

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This interactive project from fourclops::) is genius for lots of reasons, but my favorite angle is: The Revenge of the Video Star.


TrueTube is a video remix platform that gives fans the opportunity to create their own mashups combining YouTube videos with tracks from Avicii's hit album "True". Users can watch any of the thousands of crowdsourced mashup videos or try making one of their own. The creator page provides an easy-to-use editing tool, allowing users to make personalized visual remixes of Avicii's music.

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Toki's Monstas

A Musical Sticker Book Experience

Inventive, imaginative, and downright cute...


Toki's Monstas is the interactive music video for Tokimonsta feat. Gavin Turek "Clean Slate". The artists are beamed down to Earth from a flying saucer full of alien "monstas". While the video plays, the user can drag sticker monstas into the image and design the page however they'd like. After the video ends, users can share their unique sticker book artwork.

The video premiered on Noisey: Music by Vice. Press included Prefix Mag, Virgin Mobile Feed, Passion of the Weiss, Redefine Mag + High Snobiety.

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If ever there was a music video that could truly be called an "experience," this is it.

The Creators Project

"C.L.U.B." is a personalized interactive music video experience developed in HTML5 for MNDR and the O Music Awards. The video tells the story of the user's spontaneous trip to New York and subsequent rise to fame, all viewed through their iPhone. After connecting to Facebook, the user will see their profile information along with names and photos of their friends integrated into the storyline.

The video premiered during the 2012 O Music Awards. Press included Creativity, Fast Company, Digital Buzz Blog.

Blu Dot

Swap Meet

Genius marketing.

Fast Company

The Blu Dot Swap Meet was an online auction that accepted creative bids in exchange for Blu Dot's modern furniture. We were hired by Mono to produce both the website and a viral promo featuring Har Mar Superstar, who quirkily explains how the contest works.

The project received over 15 million media impressions, with press from Good Magazine, ReadyMade, Fast Company's Co.Design, FFFFound, and Apartment Therapy, among many others. After a successful run in early 2011, the Swap Meet was brought back for an encore in 2012. Selected by Communication Arts as a Webpick of the Week.


Live Your Life

Strong editing and perfect effects.

Vimeo staff

"Live Your Life" is a music video for the beautiful track from Yuna, remixed by TWINSMATIC. The video features atmospheric visual effects, created practically by filming DIY science experiments. To learn more about how we did it, check out this article at MAKE Magazine.

The video premiered on AOL Spinner, was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick and was featured on HypeTrak, Nylon, Hot 97, 2DopeBoys, Videostatic, ILLROOTS + more.

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Au Revoir Simone

Knight of Wands

Quite amazing.

Promo News

"Knight of Wands" is an interactive coloring book music video for Au Revoir Simone. The project allows users to personally design their own music video. Users can save their creation as a jpg or share with their friends on Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter.

The video premiered on Mashable and was nominated for "Most Innovative Music Video" by the MTV O Music Awards. Press mentions include the Los Angeles Times, Creativity, Stereogum and more.

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TV Girl

Girls Like Me

Fourclops unveil another Facebook Connect winner.

Promo News

"Girls Like Me" is a constantly evolving, interactive social music video for TV Girl. Footage of the band's fans singing and performing is combined with webcam pictures of you and your Facebook friends for a unique experience each time. After connecting with Facebook, you strike a pose and take a webcam photo that will pop up in the video along with photos of your Facebook friends.

The video has been featured on Creativity Online, Videostatic, I Guess I'm Floating, O Music Awards and Promo News.

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Speak Up

Magnificently shot, and a beauty to watch.

We All Want Someone To Shout For

"Speak Up" is a music video for POP ETC (formerly The Morning Benders) off of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 soundtrack. The video features dreamlike imagery of the band sailing endlessly in an oceanic journey. POP ETC's performance is interspersed with romantic clips of Bella and Edward's love story from the final film of The Twilight Saga as well as cameos from some playful dolphins. The video premiered on AOL Spinner, was featured on Stereogum and just about every Twilight fansite imaginable.

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Burn Energy Drinks


Many terms come to mind when I see skateboarding videos, but rarely do the words "beautiful" or "artistic" surface.

CBS News

"Extremities" is a viral ad for Coca-Cola brand's Burn Energy Drink, soundtracked by Blackbird Blackbird's "Pure". The video showcases Aryeh Kraus skateboarding from seven simultaneous split screen perspectives, including an angle from below the board.

Extremities premiered on Mashable and currently has over 900k views. It's been featured on the Frontpage of Vimeo, Gizmodo, CBS News, ESPN's Sportsnation, The Daily What, Make Magazine, The Boing Boing Channel on Virgin America Airlines, Wieden + Kennedy's Inspiration Blog, Fubiz and more.

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